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Wonder Girls Taste Taiwan Delicacies

What is the thing that gets the Wonder Girls drooling? The answer is: Taiwanese Food. Gaining huge success & popularity from their hit single, the Wonder Girls, had the chance to taste a few Taiwan Delicacies, like Xiao Long Bao, Pearl Milk Tea (Bubble Tea) during the press conference held today (4/22). The food was so good that leaves the girls praising the food was delicious in chinese. With a packed schedule, the girls haven’t had a chance to visit Taiwan’s famous night market yet, but they have already set their interest on food like Soft Beancurd & Mango Shaved Ice.

To celebrate Wonder Girls’ first ever visit to Taiwan & album sales hit 50,000 copies in Taiwan, at the press conference, different snacks & fruits were specially prepared for the girls, such as bubble tea, xiao long bao, pineapple tarts, Taiwanese marinated vegetables, etc. Member Ye Eun after tasting the Taiwanese marinated vegetable, she immediately showed thumbs up & expressed in chinese that the food was really delicious.

Korea’s management company (JYP Entertainment) is really talented in grooming artists, not only allows the Wonder Girls to tour in the USA, and even managed to get the girls into the Billboard Hot 100 charts, claiming #76 spot on the charts. One of the asians has successfully crossover in 30 years. JYP Entertainment not only honed every single one’s language abilities, but also succeeded in entering the international market.

It wasn’t a surprise to see the other members communicating in Chinese, other than the new member Hye Lim, whom is a Chinese. Leader Sun Ye, also had completed a sentence in chinse saying “We really hope you liked our album”, showcasing her sincerity & language capabilities.

This trip to taiwan’s schedules were heavily packed, the Wonder Girls hasn’t got a chance to visit the night market yet, they expressed that they really hope to be able to taste soft beancurd & mango shaved ice. & even before a fan had gave the girls pineapple tarts as gift before in Korea, that left them a deep impression of it, praising the tarts were really delicious.

Worshipping The Goddess

Lim looks gorgeous even when she’s making an angry face


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