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MC Mong confirms rumours of breakup with girlfriend Joo AhMin

Singer MC Mong gives an official acknowledgement to the rumours of breakup between him and his girlfriend Joo AhMin.

news report surfaced saying that an agency rep revealed, “Joo AhMin recently revealed to her close friends that she has broken up with MC Mong.” on 22nd April. Representatives from both sides had denied the rumours, but MC Mong confirmed the rumours on his minihompy at 5.3opm.

He wrote, “I am sorry for making so much confusion about this. Throughout the 2 years we were together, I felt truthfully very blessed, and thanks to this friend, I’ve learnt and experienced a lot.”

MC Mong, “I’ve called up this friend to persuade her to stick to us through this situation and let’s win the situation and stay happy. The meeting of 2 persons is a heartwarming and good thing, but sometimes as we grow our ideals and reality will differ. This insufficient Mong will understand and give this friend more time.”

He added, “To speak the truth, the fundamental problem lies in me, I’m sorry for not being the man to embrace the woman with a big heart like I promised to. Even if we break up, I hope Joo AhMin will be a good entertainer and actress leaving good impressions, and not just the woman who once was the lover to MC Mong. I hope you remember this friend too.”

He ended with, “Really sorry but the 2 of us had really loved each other and were happy, I just wanted to say this. Please just believe this part. That the 2 of us are still really good friends.”

Cr : Newsen ( Source ) , Sookyeong

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