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We reported earlier that Kara’s Nicole and SHINee’s Key had been spotted together in public.

Fans had become curious as to what Nicole was studying because she had a textbook. It’s now been revealed that she was studying for the high school exit exam.

A representative from DSP Media revealed, “Nicole is currently studying for the high school exit exam. However, she is not studying for the national Korean exam but is prepping for the American high school exit exam.

And although Nicole was born in 1991 and should have graduated last year, her idol career most likely prevented her from focusing her attention on her studies.

SM Entertainment added, “Key and Nicole are so close that they fool around even on camera. To our knowledge, the two meet often to talk and drink tea.

“Drinking tea”, is that what young hip people call it nowadays?

Let’s wish Nicole good luck for her exams .

Cr : Allkpop , omonatheydidnt

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