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►►[VIDs] After School can sing trot AND play air drums

On their recent appearance on a radio show to promote their latest single “Bang!”, members Raina and new admitted member Lizzy sing a small snippet of trot songs to show off their talents. Plus, Kahi, Jung Ah and Jooyeon are able to play the drums…without physical drums being present? Check it out after the cut!

It seems like the new generation of After School members are all talented at singing trot! Back in November of 2009 when Raina and Nana were admitted into After School, Nana sang a snippet of a trot song to show off her talent. Well, looks like new admitted member Lizzy will be following in her footsteps! Equipped with a cute voice, newest maknae Lizzy sings a short cover of a trot song. Afterwards, main vocalist Raina also sings a short cover of another trot song and begins to laugh towards the end.

Kahi, Jung Ah and Jooyeon were later asked to show off the drumming skills that the members had to learn for their “Bang!” promotions. Since they had no actual drums present, the three members played on the table, causing the rest of the members and radio hosts to burst out into laughter.


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