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ZE:A tours the country

ZE:A has been busy at work promoting their second singleAll Day these days. But since they love their fans so much, they decided to hold a cross-country tour all over Korea to get closer to their fans.

These boys have visited Jeon-la-do, Choong-chung-do, Gyung-sang-do, Gyung-gi-do and will finish it off on the 24th in Kang-won-do. Those are all major regions in South Korea and I’m sure each spot has it’s fair share of ZE:A fans. and ZE:A organized the surprise event and they held a fan signing for each stop. Thus far they’ve stopped by colleges, middle schools and high schools to hang out with the students and throw small performances.

Their popularity was very visible in Seoul, Incheon, Suwon, Chun-ahn, Chungjoo, Daejun, Ulsan, Pohang, Gwangju and Daegu, Jeonju. ZE:A said, “It was so new and great to see our fans in the places we performed before our debut. We will give our best with All Day promotions.”

Hopefully the boys will successfully wrap up the tour on the 24th in Kang-won-do.

In other news, the boys are currently fielding suggestions for their official fan club name. On April 26th, they will reveal the top 10 nominees for the potential fan club name and start a voting process open to the public. What are some of your suggestions for the official fan club name?

Cr : Allkpop

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