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Kara’s Craze in Japan

KARA, 4Minute ‘Korea’s idol Groups Gaining Popularity?’

Not only in Korea the idol groups, KARA and 4Minute, gaining much popularity, but they have started to create some sort of craze in Japan too.

Earlier this year, Kara opened their first showcase at Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan. In an official press conference with Japanese media over 100 media reporters and representatives of about 4,000 fans gathered for the showcase. Especially on that day, the most popular Japanese comedian “Gekidan Hitoriga” also attended the showcase and he even received autographs from KARA at the end of the showcase. His appearance attracted more public attention.

4minute is also set to debut in Japan next month with single ‘Muzik’. Universal Music Japan will be in charge of 4minute’s japan’s activities promotion. 4Minute was mentioned as ‘talented newcomer’ in Japanese Billboard online.

So far, only two Korea’s Male Idol groups like Big Bang and TVXQ, are most active, success and very popular in Japan. Girl groups still seem a little difficult to gather attention, unlike those two male groups. However, these two Korean Girl Idol groups might follow up too as it’s started to create some sort of craze in Japan.

Cr : Dkp , SG K-wave

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