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Fans send heartwarming gifts to SNSD’s Taeyeon

After bowing off from her long-lived DJ position of MBC FM4U’s Taeyeon’s Chin Chin, it seems like the SNSD leader is now being flooded with goodbye & celebratory gifts from her fans. Apparently, it’s been exactly a year since she’s become an independent host of the radio show, after the departure of her ex-cohost Kangin.

On the photo bulletin of Chin Chin’s official website, a post was uploaded by the fans titled ‘TangDJ, One Year.” The post was actually been posted by Taeyeonherself to express her gratitude, with photos of herself showing how happy she was over the gifts she received.

Among the piles of presents, Taeyeon revealed that she has enjoyed the short letters that were all compiled on a poster the most.

Although the gifts were supposed to celebrate her happy anniversary, fans still expressed of their sadness toward Taeyeon’s departure.

Cr : Allkpop

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