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2PM’s first comeback stage will be on M!Countdown

Beastly idol group 2PM will make their first comeback stage for their single/mini album Don’t Stop Can’t Stop on Mnet M!Countdown. It seems like M!Countdown has been snatching all the big comeback stages these days, like Rain’s and Hyori’s.

Based on the comments on allkpop, the majority of the readers seemed to be pretty fond of 2PM’s title track Without U. There were also good reviews about the music video, which was released on the same day as the single/mini album. Each member had a chance to shine through the song, with Nichkhun receiving a fierce rap that has been commended by ex-leader Jay Park himself. In addition, the “OK” finger move has been predicted to be the highlight of the choreography.

Seeing as 2PM has been praised for their live performances, their comeback stage on the 22nd is sure to make up for what the music video was lacking in. They will be performing Without U and Don’t Stop Can’t Stop.

Although their comeback is relatively new, could 2PM steal the #1 spot away from Rain and Hyori?

Cr : Allkpop

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