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100422 M Countdown Performers list.

Date : 2010.4.22

Time : PM 6:00 ~ 7:30

상암 CJ E&M 센터 2F 스튜디오 (Venue : Sangam CJ E & M Center, 2F Studios)

Performers : Rain,이효리,2PM,2AM,BEAST,뜨거운 감자,U-KISS,시크릿, 제국의 아이들,길학미,제리,페이지

The Performers are Rain, Lee Hyori , 2PM , 2AM, BEAST, ZE:A(Children Empire ) , U-Kiss, Secret, Jerry etc.

I can’t hide my happiness, as i’m a big fan of BEAST. Happy to see them on Music Programme again, since they were not there last week. And of course, our 2PM who release new singles days ago, will be performing there too. Happy. And so does Ukiss, i love their song.
I can’t wait for tmr. How about you? 😀

Cr : Mybeastyboy@Wordpress

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