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►►Taiwan warmly greets the Wonder Girls with a luxurious hotel room

On April 21st, the beautiful Wonder Girls arrived in Taipei, Taiwan to a throng of people eagerly waiting at the airport. As previously reported, the girls are in Taiwan until April 24th for special fan meetings and events where they’re both promoting and giving back by thanking the Taiwanese fans for making their Taiwan Special Edition Singles Album a top seller.

During their stay in Taiwan, the girls will be treated like royalty as they stay in a luxurious hotel. Taiwanese News CTi recently dedicated a segment showing off the hotel room.

Some highlights include a beautiful bathroom with a great view of Taipei and Taipei 101 (subcontracted by Samsung C&T), daily fresh supply of delicious snacks and fruits and a cost of 24,000 TWD (around $770 USD) per night. Quite the treatment, hopefully they’ll get the same treatment next week in America. The girls are scheduled to arrive in Los Angeles for the May 1st Korean Music Festival.

Cr : Allkpop

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