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►►Fans celebrated C.N BLUE’s 100th day by donating to Haiti

The fanclub of group CNBLUE’s Yonghwa has made a donation to Haiti in celebration of CNBLUE’s 100 day anniversary.

Jung Yonghwa’s fanclub “Yonghwa, Let’s Get Closer**”  on April 24th, has made a donation to Haiti that suffered from an earthquake to celebrate CNBLUE’s 100th day debut.

They commented, “Instead of rashly preparing an expensive present for the 100th day debut, we thought it would be much more worthwhile to participate in a good deed,” and added, “since Haiti has suffered so much from the earthquake, we decided to make a donation.”

From February 24th to April 12th, the cafe members held many discussions which resulted in the collection of approx. $10,004***, to mean Angel. (NB: 1000 = Chun, 4 = Sa, Chunsa = angel in korean)

Moreover, fans say, “We are hoping that by spreading the news, ordinary citizens and other fanclubs will participate in good deeds.”

On one hand, CNBLUE has a concert planned on the 16th in Japan, and on the 18th, will film a 3D music video for their single, “Now or Never” with 300 fans at SBS DeungchonDong.

**: In literal translation the fanclub is, “Yonghwa, Let’s go catch Crabs”. It also can mean, “Yonghwa, Let’s Go Home.” It is a line from Yonghwa’s character Kang Shinwoo in <You’re Beautiful>. It’s a pun from the Kyungsangdo Dialect, where the korean word for “crab” also means “home”. It’s intentional meaning though is, “let’s get closer.”

source : artsnews
translation : paperwings09 @ cnblue-sky

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