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►►Super Junior’s Donghae and Leeteuk join hands to help abused women

Leeteuk and Donghae from Korean idol group Super Junior visited PEACE HOUSE, a female protection clinic in Vietnam, along with a Vietnamese organization. They went to comfort and bring hope to women whose human rights had been previously abused and devastated.

Dozens of young females live in PEACE HOUSE, who had suffered work overload, smuggling and have had other painful experiences. The women are currently receiving psychological treatment and daily life activity training.
On that day, Eeteuk and Donghae went to meet 4-5 of the females, and seriously listened to their painful experiences. They encouraged these women eagerly, and told them to live on trying their best.
They held a mini-”signing-session” on the spot, giving all the women there their heartwarming encouragement.

Afterwards, Eeteuk said that listening to all these young women’s painful stories hurt his heart a lot, and that he felt very sorry for them. He also said that the society needed to give more attention, care and support towards these abused women.

Super Junior, who participated in the Global Donation Charity Concert “MTV EXIT” representing Korea, will join other world wide assistance organizations to give care and support to the women whose human rights have been devastated – who have been smuggled, sexually and physically abused etc. World wide assistance organization such as US AID, AUS AID etc.

Original article: Korea Star Daily + English translation: Cheryl Chow @

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