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►►3 Super Junior members lost weight ‘naturally’

I don’t know if this is good or bad news…losing weight is good but losing weight because of overworking isn’t good at all 😦

Super Junior member Leeteuk followed the steps of his fellow members Siwon and Heechul and joined the “Good Figure” team.

Leeteuk lost 5kg recently and appeared in front of all of us with his great figure. He said in a recent interview with SPORTSHANKOOK, “I lost a lot of weight recently although I didn’t exercise deliberately. Maybe it’s because of the busy schedules I have that lead to my weight loss.

Siwon starred in the SBS TV drama “Oh! My Lady” and because of that, he stuck to a strict diet of eating chicken breast meat to lose weight. His weight loss of 8kg became a hot topic among fans and netizens. Heechul also lost 7kg by exercising and watching his diet when filming his drama “Love You a Thousand Times”, and managed to show off his wonderful figure to the viewers. Leeteuk became a permanent guest on the SBS shows “Strong Heart”, “Star King”, World Cup Special “Waving the Korean Flag”, KBS broadcasting station’s “Super Junior Kiss the Radio”, etc. Leeteuk is gaining a lot of popularity as a rising star in the entertainment industry, therefore because of his busy schedule, naturally he lost weight.

Leeteuk said, “Recently I lost a lot of weight, but not losing weight through exercising does not give me a good body. I will try my best to maintain my health and take care of my own body as well as my figure so that I can meet all my fans in the best condition I can be in.”

Original article: Hankooki
Chinese translation: Po Nini at 爱·1380
English translation: Linda @

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