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►►[PICs] U-Kiss models for Elle Girl

The 7-member boy group famous at home and abroad, U-Kiss has recently participated in a pictorial for Elle Girl as their main models for the May issue. Flaunting their dandy charm, the boys also joined in for a brief interview with Elle Girl and shared their pride of being the so-called International Idols.

The jokester Soohyeon revealed, “Ever since I was in school, I was very talkative and often made my friends laugh. My middle school friends tell me that they thought I was going to be a comedian instead. I am enjoying [my life] right now by being who I am.”

U-Kiss’ maknae Dongho also shared, “[Despite my image], I like being alone and I am currently investing my income in stock market.”

A couple weeks ago, U-Kiss held their own showcase in the Philippines on the 4th, gathering more than 20,000 fans under one roof. On top of that, they were also a part of Shocking M Super Concert in Bangkok hosted by Mnet, captivating the hearts of their Thai fans. With the U-Kiss fever striking Asia-wide, it seems the boys are a step closer to being worldwide superstars.

Cr : Allkpop

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