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►►[VID] ZE:A releases full version of ‘All Day’ MV

Having begun promotional activities for their comeback songAll Day last week, boy band ZE:A captured the hearts of even more fangirls with their new music and look.

Released on the 26th, their MV was said to have been inspired by the classic film Friends, which features a brawl between high school gangsters.

A full version of ZE:A’s All Day MV was released out of the blue, although it should be a pleasant surprise for fans who wish to see more of ZE:A, particularly Han Ga Inlook-a-like Dongjun. The full MV, which is a whopping 10 minutes long, provides a better understanding of the plot that the original version may have left out. It is only after the first four minutes or so that the actual song is heard.

Considering the ridiculous regulations for MVs lately, ZE:A’s could potentially be banned too, not for its mild violence, but because the idol group walked in the middle of the road.

In cases like this, where a street fight is taking place, I suppose it is beneficiary to be part of an idol group with many members.

Cr : Allkpop

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