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Rain to sue for slander

With regards to an embezzlement lawsuit filed against him recently, Rain has denied the accusations and could be filing a countersuit for slander instead.

According to J.Tune on the 15th, “The lawsuit filed by Mr. Lee, an owner of a fabric company on the 6th at the Seoul Central Prosecutors’ Office claimed that Rain and 7 other shareholders had used J.Tune Creative to embezzle his investment money to the tune of 2 billion won. But Rain was not involved with the company and he was just a model and designer.”

J.Tune added, “Mr. Lee is falsely accusing Rain and we will be assisting the prosecution to get to the bottom of this matter quickly. We are not ruling out the possibility of filing a counter-suit against Mr.Lee for slander against Rain.”

J.Tune only said Rain is not involved at all with the operations of this subsidiary so perhaps there is really someone embezzling money afterall. Let’s hope that investigators can find something to solve this mess and clear Rain’s name.

Cr : Allkpop

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