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Strong Heart is losing popularity

SBS hit show Strong Heart (Kang Shim Jang) seems to be losing its magic touch.

On the 14th, the rating researchers gathered information that indicated Strong’s Heart’s declining popularity. The episode that aired on the 13th received a 10.7% rating. Last week’s episode received a 11.8% rating. Though the drop was small, it was still there.

In early February, the show reached a 18.7% rating, which was its record. It’s been going downhill a bit ever since.

Because Kang Ho Dong is stronger and older, Lee Seung Gi has to step back and let Kang Ho Dong take over. Some viewers mentioned that the awkward hosting by the MCs Lee Seung Gi and Kang Ho Dong was just one reason why they stopped watching the show.

On the other hand, Win Win’s ratings went up 4.2% from last week. This week, they had a 12.2% rating. I guess Win Win is winning… pun intended.

Cr : Allkpop

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