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Rain talks about surpassing JYP’s success

Rain revealed his true feelings about his good friend and old producer/mentor Park Jin Young.

On today’s Win Win Rain said, “I want to surpass JYP. I have surpassed JYP already. He hasn’t done overseas promotions, has never had a private jet, has never done a drama, has never gotten the Gayo Daesang. I have surpassed him.” I hope all of you understand that what he said was with sarcasm so he wasn’t trying to show off , but merely joking around.

About leaving JYP he said, “I wanted to make my own nest. Thankfully, Jin Young hyung said yes. Now we don’t have a misunderstanding relationship which makes things more comfortable for me. We drink together and talk badly about our companies. I don’t regret leaving him.”

He said about succeeding with his company, “I worked hard and when I looked back, I had the strength to protect my family with my success. I’m so thankful.

It’s nice to see an idol that has maintained such close ties after leaving the company that generated his initial success…

Cr : Allkpop

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