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Jo Kwon talks about why his debut was delayed

On a recent episode of KBS’s Happy Together 3, 2AM’s Jo Kwon said that he thinks about none other than JYP (Park Jin Young) when he sings ballad songs.

Jo Kwon explained, “When we (2AM) were recording the title song for our 1st album, Park Jin Young didn’t like the way I was singing so I ended up singing two lines of the song over and over again for 11 hours.”

Jo Kwon continued, “After recording, I expected a warm appraisal such as ‘You worked hard,’ but instead he said, ‘Now you finally realize why you still weren’t able to debut until now?’ and I became very shocked at his cold words!”

Since that incident, Jo Kwon said that every time when he needs to sing an emotional song again, he just has to think back to how hurt he felt from Park Jin Young’s comments and it really helps him to become emotional.

Be sure to catch Jo Kwon’s funny yet kind of depressing story on the 15th!

Cr : Allkpop

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