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2NE1 As Cosmetic Models?

Good news for 2NE1’s fans! The girls are confirmed for a cosmetic ad and the filming of it will be broadcasted on the 15th. After launching hits from their music, this new venture from 2NE1 locks some anticipation.

Article under the cut:

Last year, the groups successfully launched their consecutive hits, “Fire” and “I Don’t Care,” making the new group become instant super stars. And now, 2NE1 would be the protagonist to a new cosmetics ad.

On the 15th, SBS TV “One Night TV Entertainment” would broadcast the filming of 2NE1’s cosmetic ad. In the filming, the girls showed off a youthful and energetic charisma; a welcome show to fans who don’t see what they are up to these days since it has been rare seeing them on stage nowadays.

On the show, Sandara Park and Park Bom, who are in their late 20s, and then CL and Gong Minzy, who are still in their early years, would form teams doing the X-O game, that will reveal how they deal with stereotypes, their ideal man, and their inner thoughts about each group member.

The show would be broadcasted on April 15, at 23:05 PM.

Cr : Ohkpop , Nate , Translated by knucklepink@YGLadies

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