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BEAST releases MV for follow-up song Say No

On the 7th, Cube Entertainment was announced that BEAST, who has received great popularity for catchy upbeat songs such as Bad Girl and Mystery, will perform a ballad song as their follow-up song after Shock for the first time since their debut.

There was much debate among fans over which track from their comeback album Shock of the New Era would be used. The candidates were Easy and Take Care of My Girlfriend (Say No), but the release of the MV unveiled the latter as the “chosen one.”

Although the MV, for the most part, is in black and white, its simplicity allows you to focus on each member passionately singing / rapping his respective parts. The MV setting is rather dark and ominous, reflecting the lyrics of the song about a boy who is unable to send his ex-girlfriend away to another person.

Below is the MV :

Cr : Allkpop

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