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►►U-KISS’ Eli is the next victim on Mnet’s ‘Scandal’

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Yet another idol star signs up for MNET Scandal and all hell breaks loose again!

The controversial and somewhat dreaded program made it’s return recently and have already got fan girls screaming with MBLAQ’s Thunder being the first idol star this season.

And if you still didn’t know, MNET Scandal pairs up a celebrity and a lucky girl (or guys for female celebrities) where they will act like a real dating couple.

And after seeing Thunder getting sandwiched in between episodes which featured actors Choi Philip and Ko Joo Won, another idol star will become the 4th celebrity and 2nd idol star on the show this season. A preview was released today where the U-Kiss members had masks on while a lucky girl picked randomly (?) from them to be his girlfriend, leaving viewers in suspense on who it will be.

But U-Kiss fans already know that it will be Eli.

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Cr: allkpop + kissmeukiss@YT

One response

  1. i hope eli has a great time and prove that he is the best!

    April 22, 2010 at 4:58 am

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