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►►SNSD reveals their foreign dream boys and perform American songs

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On today, the pretty ladies of SNSD / Girls’ Generation appeared on Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate where they had an interview session and also performed many special performances.

One of the topics brought up was marriage due to C.N. Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa make believe marriage to Seohyun on the show We Got Married. Sooyoung said this about Seohyun, “I’m so jealous because you can go out and date.” And with that comment, the members were asked who their ideal international husbands would be for a fake marriage.

Hyoyeon and Yoona wanted Kimura Takuya to be their fake husband. Yoona mentioned that she liked Kimura Takuya so much that she nearly cried while making the confession!

Jessica wanted Hollywood actor Josh Hartnett. She stated, “At the Pusan International Film Festival, I was singing and found out that he was in the audience. After I found out, I liked him more.”

Other Picks: Sunny chose Takeshi Kaneshiro, Sooyoung chose Brad Pitt, Seohyun chose Johnny Depp, Taeyeon chose Hugh Jackman, Tiffany chose Chace Crawford, and Yuri chose Justin Timberlake.

Sweet Dreams (Beyonce)

Wannabe (Spice Girls)

Deja Vu (Beyonce)

Get the party started (?)

Poker Face (Lady Gaga)


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  1. anonymous

    Can someone do something, please? All the videos posted up in this web can’t be viewed? Why? I am so annoyed..

    July 9, 2010 at 7:09 am

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