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►►2NE1’s Park Bom is on a vegetable diet to lose weight

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2NE1 Park Bom is on an all-vegetable diet for weight control?

Member Sandara Park posted a photo of Park Bom on her me2day on 9th April at 1.50pm, and in the photo, Park Bom was showing a tired expression while eating.

Sandara Park wrote,

“Hamtori is eating now! Bom who is eating only vegetable… Just by looking at the expression, you know that she dislikes it right? Bom who wishes to eat sweet corn.”

Fans who saw the photo commented, “Looks like she really dislike eating vegetable. But still, she is pretty”, “Hamtori Bom is really cute”, “It feels sad to see her working hard to control her weight”, “I hope she don’t strain herself” etc.

Cr: sookyeong

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