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►►Which celebs do netizens want to go on a vacation with?

From March 31 to April 7, a poll was conducted on the homepage of “Runaway from Home”, in light of the upcoming movie’s release. It inquired, ‘Without any particular reason, who do you want to flee on a vacation with?’

Netizens voted and an overwhelming majority ranked Lee Hyori and Jaebum 1st place as the female and male winners respectively.

Bypassing international superstar Rain and teenage heartthrob Lee Seung Gi, Jaebum received 51% of the votes. Lee Hyori, on the other hand, earned 44%, outnumbering the votes for SNSD’s Yoona and High Kick Through the Roof actress Shin Se Kyung.

Runaway from Home is a comedy film revolving around Seong Hee (played by Ji Jin Hee) who seeks to find his runaway wife (played by Kim Min Seon) with his friend Dong Min (played by Il Joon Yang) and his brother-in-law Yoo Kwak (played by Lee Moon Sik). The movie, which follows the story of these three immature men throughout their search, is set to air on the 8th.

Cr: allkpop

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