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►►BEAST to promote the ballad track ‘Easy’ next

These BEAST guys are amazing no matter what they sing♥

This time, beast-dol BEAST will shake the hearts of women with a sad sensitive ballad.

While shaking the first half of the year with their title song ‘Shock’ from their 2nd mini album ‘ Shock of the New Era’, BEAST will come out with a ballad song for the first time since their debut.

BEAST’s official agent hinted, “BEAST is preparing their follow-up song with a ballad. You will be able to see another charm from BEAST.”

There is a high possibility that BEAST’s follow-up song that will continue the popularity of ‘Shock’ will be the ‘Easy’, which is included in the 2nd mini album. With the Songwriters Kim Kibum and Kang Jiwon, the lyrics of ‘Easy’ are expected to strike the hearts of fans as it shows the sad melody and words of a run-away lover.

The dance group BEAST is receiving sympathy with their possibility of becoming ballad singers.

Last month on the cable channel Mnet ‘M! Countdown’, the different side of BEAST received favorable comments with their arranged singing of the orchestra version of Noel’s ‘Despite Holding On’.

An official agent, said “As much as they received love by their anticipated ideals as a dance group even though they were rookies, they are expected to expand their area with a ballad. The members also have a greed for diverse genres.”

Once BEAST spreads their activities with ‘Shock’, they will be scheduled to meet the fans with the new faces of ballad singers in May.

CREDITS: asiae (SOURCE); kiwiannabear@B2ST Rising (TRANS)

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