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►►T-ara’s QRi gets criticized because of her ‘seductive’ past

It was reported yesterday that T-ara’s Qri got some hate from netizens because of her past. It was revealed that she was on a reality show where a girl is hired to hit on a guy so as to test the guy’s faithfulness to his girlfriend. People were angry to see that she was on a show that was of such low quality.

Not long after the news broke out, Qri wrote on her minihompy, “A reporter got bored.” She was most likely implying that a bored reporter decided to dig up her past and make news out of it for the sacrifice of her misery. I think it was pretty reasonable for her to be upset, but of course, the apathetic netizens thought otherwise.

Netizens wrote to her,

“Be quiet and reflect on what you’ve done. Do you think saying something like that will make the hateful remarks from netizens go away?”
“You should be apologizing. Do you have any logic?”
“Just practice your singing please.”
“You shouldn’t be talking.”

Fortunately, there were some T-ara fans who still stuck by her side. They wrote,

“Why are you blaming Qri when it was the program’s concept?”
“Whether she kissed or touched someone in the past, it doesn’t matter. It’s in the past.”

Cr: Allkpop

One response

  1. Kiss Me #01

    This crap always happen, why dig up the past. The past is the past and should remain there. Look at what happened to Jaebom, you would think ppl would learn from that.

    April 6, 2010 at 10:02 am

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