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►►Caught on Cam: BEAST Junhyung’s “masterpiece” artistic talents

Looks like Leonardo Davinci just got owned! XDDD

In preparation for their title song ‘SHOCK’, BEAST members went through shocking transformations but of them all, Yong Junhyung’s head-shave caught the eye of the public. As he shaved the sides of his head, leaving hair in the middle, he even earned the nickname ‘Tsunomon’ with his new hair style.

While holding the pen in his hand and writing away, Yong Junhyung’s tattoo caught our eye as we watched him. With ‘Carpe Diem’ written across his collar bone, we didn’t know what it meant. When we asked him the question, “Did you really get a tattoo?” he responded by saying, “I was always interested in tattoos and with preparations for this album, I got approval from the company as I got the tattoo in Indian ink. ‘Carpe Diem’ means ‘To give your all and to live in the moment’ in Latin.”

As a rapper, he has good sense. He drew in a mic with the caption “Still Rappin.’” He drew it as if the caption was purposely behind the mic which showed his sense. He said, “During ‘Shock’ practices, I was in risk of tearing my leg muscles. I went to an acupuncturist and they advised me to rest. I felt sorry as I couldn’t practice like the other members” and “That was during the time of Hyuna’s ‘Change’ promotions and my leg hurt a lot then, but I had to hold it in and go on stage.”

His image became more refined and stronger, but during his debut days and in promotion for ‘Bad Girl’, he told T-News during the interview then, “My tongue is a bit thick so when I rap, I practice non-stop to articulate better.” Since then, his sincere image hasn’t changed one bit.

Everywhere he wrote the phrase ‘Get Shock!’ in anticipation for their new song ‘Shock’ but also writing ‘Prepix Daebak!’ in thanks to their choreography team Prepix.

The most eye-catching part was the cartoon drawing. With his bushy beard, messy hair, and a birthmark on his nose, he drew a man who isn’t even in proportion to size; he didn’t forget to draw in cute wings along with adding some yellow and red to it. In final to his drawing, he didn’t forget to explain that it was ‘Yoon Doojoon.’ Because of the corner ‘Danbi’ of MBC’s ‘Sunday Sunday Night’, he added the wings in meaning of him being an angel and doing charity work as he visited Haiti, Kenya, and many more. He said, “It’s better than the ‘Tsunomon’ drawing that Yoon Doojoon drew before” as he laughed. You could see the friendship between the two members as they fight over drawings.

Yong Junhyung wrote “So Beast!” which is BEAST’s official greeting along with his signature as finale to his drawing. He said, “I’m glad that we’re getting in response to the hard times we had in preparing along with the constant worrying. We’ll continue to try harder.”


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