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►►[VIDs] Jaebum and Art of Movement @ ProjectKOREA III

Jaebum/Jay Park and some of his Art of Movement dancers (Junior, Dialtone, Cha Cha) were at Rutgers University, New Jersey tonight (April 3) for ProjectKorea III. This event is considered his first major public appearance since he ended ties with the group 2PM.

Cr: AshiteruYaoi + Daum 1 + 2 + shared by heygingersnap@omonatheydidnt

One response

  1. Peyal

    haha, i think Jay got his MC-ing from all the variety shows he has been in 😛

    Im so happy i’m seeing Jay finally out there happy(:

    April 4, 2010 at 1:01 am

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