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►►The 5 members of DBSK will stop activities as Tohoshinki?!

April 3rd is a particularly sad day for all Cassies and DBSK’s fans since their Japanese management, AVEX, just announced that the 5 will STOP all their activities as a group. I do not know if this applies to them being in Korea as one or not but for now, it seems that their high fly career in Japan is coming to a close…

Hello this is Bigeast Office.
Today the press released the following.

About “Tohoshinki”

There is information about our companies artist “Tohoshinki”.

They will stop/pause their activities as “Tohoshinki”
As “Tohoshinki” they will pause their activities but for young people with a future and who has talents, we will support each of the 5 members activities.

From on now please watch “Junsu” “Yoochun” “Jaejoong” “Changmin” “Yunho” and take care of them.

Avex Management

Tohoshinki will pause their activities but Bigeast is where everyone treasured and a place for the 5’s bond.
As the Bigeast office we are planning to keep Bigeast.
For the Bigeast members its very troublesome but by the end of April we will announce officially so please wait for a while.

2010/4/3 18:00
-Bigeast Office

1st tweet.

I already did everything I could. In the end, the result is a bitter one. I will do my best to support their decision. If it is what they wish for, I believe that I should do everything I could within my limitation to support all of them who are already flying high. It doesn’t matter what my standpoint is, my feelings are no different from the sadness of every Tohoshinki’s fan.

2nd tweet @ 9:00pm JST

No matter what people have been saying to me, regarding the last message, I’ve been keeping silence for all this while. But now, for the people who have been understanding, I definitely will not betray you.

3rd Tweet @ 9:40pm JST
(it was posted because apparently people were using harsh word against him; but it’s deleted now)

Please try to think carefully! There’s nothing good for us either, it’s harsh on us too. Whatever happened is not a good thing, isn’t it!

4th Tweet @ 10:00pm JST

At time like this, let’s be neat and precise. It’s not anyone’s fault, and I believe that no one is bad. I just want to grant their dream. Just simple as that.

Bigeast letter source- sharingyoochun (1)
Tweets- Source: Max Matsuura’s Twitter
Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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