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►►T-ara’s plans for 2010: acting, concerts, “secret project”

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This year has been a great year so far for girl group T-ara.

They won fans over with Bo Peep Bo Peep and then I Go Crazy Because of You and now they have bigger plans for their near future to become one of the top girl groups of Korea.

First, they will work hard on solo activities. Jiyeon and Qri will be starring in the upcoming horror flick Death Bell 2. Eunjung is currently in talks of participating in a drama. Hyomin is working hard on variety programs such as Invincible Youth and the other members will also find their own things to concentrate on.

Second of all, T-ara is also planning on going overseas. In May and June, T-ara will hold concerts in Thailand, Japan and more. They will meet with international fans and get their name more known in those countries.

Lastly, the girls have a secret project they are working on.

With their online shopping mall being a runaway success, what more could these girls handle? Their company said they can’t reveal much just yet but it’s something that will make the Korean fans very happy. They also said, “Soon we will reveal information about this secret project. You will see another transformation from T-ara.

Cr: allkpop

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