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►►Pieces of the Past: MBLAQ’s Mir post up old photos of himself

It seems like MBLAQ’s fans have been nagging Mir to post up some old pictures of himself on Cyworld. So here he is, posting a couple of them up to please his fans..

These were all posted from March 31st – April 1st.

I found many pictures of the past,,
First, I should just put up one picture,,the most normal one,,
The other ones are too shocking,,
Around this time I was pretty popular,,Really,,

People have been asking me to put up one more picture,,

Here is another normal one,,

Starting around this time my popularity went down,,

Pls keep all credits if taken out
Translated by glitzyglam@absolutemblaq

BONUS! Mir with his sister at a wedding…long hair lol!

Cr: bestiz + soompi

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