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►►f(x)’s comeback news revealed: teasers and concept

It’s been reported that SM will be releasing f(x)’s new album and teaser pictures in mid April. It’s been said that their new comeback look will surprise the fans! A representative said “f(x)’s looks will change to a Sexy look for their comeback. The changes can be noticed by the dresses that f(x) members wear during their photoshoots, especially Amber will have a great change for their new comeback.”

Recently, Amber has been wearing high heels and girly clothes than the ones she wore during La chA Ta and Chu~ promotions. But some netizens are saying that Amber’s looks might not change from her usual tomboy look to sexy. f(x) will start promotional activities for their new album after the release of their new MV. It’s been also said that they’ll continue their comeback promotions along with sister group, SNSD.

Fans can take a glimpse of their comeback via from their new variety show – Hello f(x). Hello f(x) will show the fans the training sessions and the preparation of their comeback and a teaser of their new title track will be shown during the broadcast of Hello f(x)! So stay tuned!

Korean Source: SportDongA + youngeun
Thai source: Reborn @ fx-fanclub
Thai – English translation by: SUPERSEXY! JAE.

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