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►►Most anticipated actor-idol for the first half of 2010?

Star style magazine, High Cut, ran an online survey from March 21st to 28th with a total of 941 participants. They asked, ‘For the first half of 2010, which actor idol are you most anticipating?’

Super Junior Choi Shiwon of SBS’s ‘Oh! My Lady’ took 32.4% of the votes and grabbed 1st place. The reason for his votes was that he had prepared chocolate abs for the drama and managed to be comical with his acting skills.

MBC’s ‘Personal Taste’ featured 2AM SeulOng in boxers, in which he won 29.3% of the votes and managed to grab 2nd place with a slight difference from 1st.

KBS’s ‘Cinderella Sister’ 2PM Ok Taecyeon is also from Im Seulong’s brother group and airs at the same time. He took 19.6% of the votes.

Set to air in the summer, ‘What’s Up’ Big Bang Daesung took 18.7% and placed in on the 4th.


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