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►►Caught on Cam: 2AM’s Jokwon in leopard slippers & making a piggy face

LOL! This diva Kwon really is something when he’s bored XD

Idol group 2AM member JoKwon showed off his aspect as a fashionista(?).

JoKwon attracted the eyes of fans by revealing 2 pictures on the main screen of his Cyworld minihompy.

JoKwon has posted two photos that show him wearing a pair of leopard print slippers, and making a pig nose with his hand, lying down while wearing a pair of suspender jeans.

The reactions of fans who saw the photo vary from saying, “These days, JoKwon is the trend, and fashion starts with JoKwon”, “Leopard print kekeke I want it too”, “He looks like an elementary student when he wears suspender jeans”.


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