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►►4Minute’s fans get angry because CUBE Ent has been neglecting their idols

People are now blaming it partly on BEAST but hey, 4Minute has been promoting overseas continuously AND performing with Amerie so I don’t see why fans are getting that mad :/

Various 4minute fan sites are up in arms over the lack of information regarding the band from their company, Cube Entertainment.

According to American fan site, 4minutes, the entertainment company did not reveal 4minute’s upcoming plans as promised in March. The news release was later reschedule for April 2nd, but nothing has materialized. They also blame Cube for not updating enough the official fancafe, and Cube did not deliver fan club goodies on time. Additionally, information and photos related to the girls’ latest official endorsement for Metacone are nowhere to be seen.

The fuss started back in late January when it was announced through digital news that not only Jiyoon’s solo single was in preparation but also that 4minute was working on a mini-album to be unleashed in March. While Hyuna’s “Change” was released and became a big success, Jiyoon’s solo hasn’t been mentioned once since the initial press release months ago. Things may have got even bigger this month with several online newspapers announcing the girl group’s comeback in mid-May.

Cube Entertainment’s silence over the girls’ plans has set off a firestorm among 4nia both in Korea and across the world.

However, fans have some things to look forward to: Metacone endorsement (MTV Metafriends), a song for the movie Personal Taste, as well as their Japanese debut.

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