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►►Why are T-ara’s Jiyeon and Hyomin crying?

Hyomin and Jiyeon of 6-membered girl-group, T-ara, recently shot pictures of their selves to reveal to the public.

Today Hyomin revealed photos of herself with Jiyeon through her minihomphy where she added crying tears to her faces which has fans’ in question.

‘Park sisters are crying’ was the title of the picture that featured Hyomin and Jiyeon’s real expressions were different from last month’s picture where they were pulling on each others hair and fighting, and became a comical picture. Along with the picture, Hyomin wrote “I drank all the juice” explaining that was why there were tears.

Other photos released on the same day included Hyomin with her hair up during a casual dress rehearsal. She also took 3 pictures of herself in a cute look on a plane.

Meanwhile, T-ara is currently models for an online game called Z9 Star where they shot a music video called “I Want Z9 Star” which is a spin-off of “I Go Crazy Because of You.” The full version will be disclosed inside the video game which caused much interest.

source : thestar.chosun
cr : nathaniel and princessjimyung (translations) @ diadem

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