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►►[VID] Cinderella’s Sister OST “It has to be you” MV feat. Super Junior’s Yesung

It has been previously reported that KBS’s new drama Cinderella’s Sister has released an introductory music video prior to the drama’s premiere. The song featured is from the OST, called “It Has To Be You” (너 아니면 안돼) and is sung by Super Junior’s Yesung. – Dramabeans

Meanwhile, AGB Nealson Media Research’s survey shows that Cinderella’s Sister (starring Moon Geun Young, Chun Jung Myung, and 2PM’s Taecyeon) had a 15.8% viewer rating for its first episode aired on March 31st, taking 1st place. MBC’s ‘Personal Taste’ and SBS’s ‘Prosecutor Princess,’ both of which aired at the same time as ‘Cinderella Sister,’ recorded 12.% and 8% respectively. – 2ONEDAY

Looks like all the hateful comments 2PM’s Taecyeon received for his acting didn’t affect the ratings of the show after all 😉

Cr: Pochipotato@YT

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