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►►[PICs] Stars promote “Think Green” campaign

For the month of April, LG Fashion’s brand HAZZYS will be actively promoting its “Think Green” environmental campaign. They have brought on a group of stars to help push its eco-friendly message and organic T-shirts with a photo shoot. The sales of the HAZZYS 100% organic cotton T-shirts will be donated to an environmental organization.

The brand ambassadors are actors Kim Bum, Lee Soo Kyung, Kim Hyo Jin, Min Hyo Rin, Kim Ji Suk, and Ki Tae Young, and on a purely superficial note, the shoot is very simple but looks lovely.

The prints for the T-shirts are the result of a collaboration with painter Lee Chul-soo. Customers who buy a certain amount over the duration of the campaign will be given a gift and will be invited to a special event for patrons.

Kim Bum

Lee Soo Kyung

Kim Hyo Jin

Min Hyo Rin

Kim Ji Suk

Ki Tae Young

Cr: dramabeans

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