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►►BoA got kissed by a middle-aged female fan

Image and video hosting by  TinyPic

Singer BoA gets kissed by a female fan during her fansigning session.

Currently on various portal sites, photos of BoA looking flustered after being kissed on the cheeks by a middle aged female fan are being circulated by fans and netizens.

A video showing the whole scene was also uploaded on various video sites. Fans who saw the video comment, “Oh my god”, “An embarrassing situation for her since she cannot show that she don’t like it”, “Sexual harrassement”, “I wonder how it will turn out if the fan is a male” etc.

While there were fans who think that this is not appropriate even for a female fan.

Cr: Sookyeong

I srsly did not think BoA was upset but more like surprised…the people in the background was smiling – not gasping because of this ‘totally inappropriate’ action either. It’s like a motherly thing so people are making a big deal out of nothing again..

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