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►►2NE1, “Best dressed member in this group? CL!”

During an interview for Star News, the reporter asked 2NE1, “Between the female members, do you guys ever fight over clothes or accessories?”

The 2NE1 members laughed. “We have really unique and different styles, so we haven’t fought even once,” CL said. “A while ago, (San)dara unni bought me a hip sack. Each of our members have a very distinctive personality, so when we see an item we say ‘This is so this person’s’.”

Of course, Sandara Park added, “We’ve never fought. Our tastes are really different.” She laughed and said, “Bom is always a one piece, and since she’s really feminine, she also matches hot pants really well. In my case, I tend to wear a lot of baggy pants and beanies, especially since this year was so cold.”

Also she stated, “Even though Minji’s at a young age, she can dress up really sexily too, and she wears a lot of (different) shoes. You could even say me and Minji have traded places; I’m like the ‘kiddy’ style while Minji dresses very mature”.

“Amazingly, all the girls have different tastes,” Gong Minji said. “Dara unni and CL unni always wear fancy print clothing with a street look to it, but I like things that are a bit more feminine and less flashy,” showing off her feminism.

Lately, she said she had her eye on an Alexander Wang one piece. It seems that we may be able to see Gong Minji in a soft one piece soon.

However, who is the best dressed in 2NE1? All the girls picked CL without a doubt.

Gong Minji revealed her reason for picking her: “CL unni is always trying out various styles of clothing, whether it’s for a music video or when a new song comes out; she always actively lets out her opinions”.

Sandara Park said, “CL has been different from since she was a trainee. She would dress up differently then other trainees, wearing different layers and unusual accessories; she is the one responsible for perfecting 2NE1’s style.

In response, CL said embarrassingly, “When I go shopping with the members, I’m always the one bossing them around.”

source: nate 01 nate 02
translations: GEE @

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