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►►[VIDs] SNSD for Nintendo DSi CFs + f(x) for Auction CFs

The SM Ent sister groups SNSD and f(x) are busy promoting through advertisements these days. SNSD just landed themselves a contract with Nintendo DSi hand-held game while f(x) dances for their Auction CFs.

SNSD – Nintendo DSi ver. 1

SNSD – Nintendo DSi ver. 2

SNSD – Nintendo DSi experimence

SNSD – Nintendo DSi slide video

f(x) – Auction ver. Sulli

f(x) – Auction ver. Krystal

f(x) – Auction ver. Amber

f(x) – Auction ver. Victoria

f(x) – Auction ver. Luna

Cr: iimchoding@YT + dirah9309@YT

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