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►►Lee Hyori’s album “H-Logic” will be including Big Bang’s Daesung

It has been known that Lee Hyori will be collaborating with Big Bang DaeSung for her comeback, following the ‘Family Outing’ will.

For Lee Hyori’s upcoming 4th album ‘H-Logic’ to be released in April will contain the song ‘How Did We Get’ featuring DaeSung. According to Lee Hyori’s comeback through a phone interview, “A cool song is born with the collaboration between Lee Hyori and Big Bang DaeSung.”

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori will be releasing the album in full on 8th April after the teaser spot video is released on 29th March. Already, Lee Hyori’s new radical image for her comeback has garnered much attention amongst netizens and fans and the teaser video has attracted over 2oK comments on

Cr: sookyeong

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