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►►Movie “Death Bell 2” to include both T-ara members JiYeon and QRi

Popular 2008 horror movie Death Bell is back with its sequel! There’s even better news too! T-ara’s Qri will be starring in Death Bell 2, which is to be tentatively released in July!

On her minihompy, Qri recently added a picture with the cast of Death Bell 2. She also added some comments, which read as “Oh!! Yoon Si Yoon is missing??”, “Yoon Si Yoon was in the middle of shooting something else”, “Death Bell 2 will be so fun!!”, “Hwang Jeong Eum jjang~ Hwaiting!!!!!!!” and “Oh? T-ara’s Qri?”

In addition to Qri, Jiyeon will also be in Death Bell 2. Both Qri and Jiyeon have had acting experience prior to this, as Qri appeared in well known historical drama Queen Seon Duk, while Jiyeon was part of the main cast for God of Study.

With two such talented ladies joining the cast of Death Bell 2, we can only expect great things to come in the future! Wishing the girls (and the rest of the Death Bell 2) cast good luck as they begin filming in April.

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Cr : nathaniel (trans)@diadem

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