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►►Fans are unhappy with high ticket prices to see DBSK’s Yunho

Michael Jackson’s memorial concert with TVXQ’s Yunho was held on the 27th and 28th in Seoul. Fans, who came to see Yunho are enraged due to the high ticket prices; they could not hide their disappointment after the concert.

Yunho was the main performer of the concert, but he only performed in five songs out of the total 15. The fans congratulated him on doing a terrific job, but complained about how little stage-time the main dancer had.

The audience, which mostly comprised of Yunho fans, paid an average price of 100,000 WON (approx. $100USD) for a ticket. Japanese fans ended up paying the most, as some tickets cost up to 30,ooo YEN (approx. $370USD).

One Japanese fan said, “I spent lots of money for this concert hearing that Yunho would be performing alone. He did not have much stage-time as I thought he would, which disappointed me.

The concert was delayed around an hour due to technical difficulties. There were no memorial videos about the King of Pop, and only had one dancer from the actual This Is It crew. Many are saying that this concert was a scam and Yunho was exploited.

Cr: allkpop

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