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►►2PM’s Nichkhun, “I had my first kiss at 17 years old”

haha Angel Khun got exposed!

On the 27th’s MBC TV ‘We Got Married’, Nickhun revealed when he had his first kiss at his visit to JoKwon and Gain’s house, when they were questioning(?) him.

JoKwon asked Nickhun, “Do you like skinship”, and Nickhun answered, “Of course”. At Nickhun’s answer, JoKwon asked again, “How does hyung do skinship”, and the flustered Nickhun answered with an awkward smile, “There are basics”.

Gain then asked teasingly, “Then did you kiss before? Of course you did, right”, and Nickhun avoided the answer by saying, “Enjoy the food”.

At this, JoKwon threatened a threat unlike a threat, “We have a lie detector”, and Gain then quickly added, “When did you have your first kiss?”

Finally, Nickhun gave in and revealed, “When I was 17”.


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