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►►2AM SeulOng’s ideal woman is 23 years older than him?

‘2AM’ Im Seulong attracted eyes by revealing an ideal woman who was unrelated to age matters.

In the episode of SBS <Shin DongYup’s 300> aired on the 28th, Im Seulong said, “The last time I had a girlfriend was during my high school years. I think I mind a lot about expectations towards a woman when I date her.”

He then added, “However, I think age doesn’t matter at all in love. My original ideal woman is Kyun Mi Ri.” (SeulOng is a 1987 while Mi Ri, the actress who is most famous for her evil character from “Dae Jang Geum”, is a 1964…that’s 23 years apart!)

‘2AM’ Jung Jinwoon, also appearing on the same episode, agreed with Seulong about age difference not mattering in love.

Jung Jinwoon said, “I don’t care up to 6 years older (women). I think it’s because my own hyung is older than me by 6 years.”

On the other hand, Im Seulong is going to make his debut as an actor in the MBC drama <Personal Preference>, featuring Lee Minho-Son YeJin, which is going to be aired on the coming 31st.


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  1. kyun mi ri wow

    August 7, 2011 at 8:34 am

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