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Archive for March 28, 2010

►►[VID] Rain reveals another “Love Song” MV teaser

After Rain revealed his first MV teaser of his title track Love Song from his BACK TO THE BASIC special album, things started to heat up as the photos from the MV were released.

On March 29th, another teaser of Love Song was revealed!

But this time, the teaser featured the world star along with the female lead, actress Han Ye Seul! The teaser, which lasted around 30 seconds, showed Rain and Han Ye Seul’s heartwarming kissing scene.

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►►f(x)’s new show “Hello f(x)” to begin airing soon

Following suit of fellow idol groups – including 2PM, 2AM, and 2NE1 – the girl group f(x) will now be featured in their very own reality program named Hello f(x)!

Their very first episode will be launched on April 3rd at 2 PM through Y-Star, and will continue to air until the last week of April. The four episodes will consist of close coverage on the girls’ preparations for their comeback; however, the specific date for the return has not been reported yet.

Make sure to stay tuned to catch what f(x) is up to behind stage!

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►►[PICs] Brown Eyed Girls take selcas in Mongolia

The Brown Eyed Girls were in Mongolia recently for the Korean-Mongolian 20th Friendship Concert. Ga In and JeA updated their CyWorlds with photos from the trip.

Ga In

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►►[VID] Zuno releases “Nothing To Lose/Let Me Go” MV

DBSK Xiah Junsu’s brother Kim Junho, whose stage name is Zuno, just released his full MV for “Nothing To Lose/Let Me Go” (because Korean and Chinese netizens can’t make up their mind on what the true name is…)

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►►BEAST’s Doojoon, “I didn’t want to return to Korea”

My kind-hearted leader Doojoon…why so handsome and adorable?! >.<

BEAST’s leader Yoon Doojoon confessed that he didn’t want to return to Korea before.

Yoon Doojoon is currently a fixed member on the corner ‘Danbi’ of MBC’s “Sunday Sunday Night.” ‘Danbi’ is a show about showing foreign countries with poor environments being visited as they are serviced. Recently, an episode of Haiti and the refugee camp has brought a great deal of attention.

Yoon Doojoon had an interview with T-News and confessed, “While filming ‘Danbi’, I didn’t want to come back to Korea.” He also said, “When we went to Kenya around the Masai (excuse the spelling if it is incorrect) and when we met there, I really had the thought of not wanting to come back. I normally like nature with the mountains and the sea, and the surroundings there were so refrshing and the view was indeed paradise. I felt nature peacefully.

Also, he said, “More than anything, when I laid down on the ground to sleep, the stars that filled the sky looked amazing. It’s something you can never see in Seoul and it was a sparkling scene that sparkled. That was when I didn’t want to come back to Korea.”

Through the show ‘Danbi’, Yoon Doojoon gained a lot of love as he didn’t hesitate to throw himself out there to work and did what he was told without a complaint. With this image, he even earned the nickname ‘Namchindol’ (which means Boyfriend Idol).

He said, “I’m always filming with a thankful heart. Of course, there’s the meaning behind the show which is to be charitable but through meeting others, I feel as if I’m learning more. I’m truly thankful that this is a chance for me to broaden my experiences and knowledge.”

Yoon Doojoon is currently promoting the title song ‘Shock’ of Beast’s 2nd album. On the past 25th, Beast had won 1st place on Mnet Countdown after their debut as he even showed tears of joy.


►►Wonder Girls reveal their plans on the release of 1st American full album

Following a JYP Entertainment official on the 29th, Wonder Girls are busy preparing for their first American full album.

Currently they are staying in Korea to film the music video of the first American album’s title song. New member Hyelim revealed on Twitter the 27th of their arrival.

Wonder Girl’s original plan was to release their First American full album in February. However, due to member Sunmi’s Hiatus announcement the album was pushed.

On the other hand, Wonder Girls has been chosen as the model for the global cell phone brand, Sony, and has been getting a lot of popularity in Korea.

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►►[VID] Lee Hyori releases “H-Logic” MV teaser!

After releasing her H-Logic album photo teaser today, Lee Hyori adds in some action and unveils the MV teaser! Watch out for the tracklist and full MV to be released on April 1st and the full album to be released on April 8th.

As much as I like Hyori, wtf is up with the whole animal theme? argh…gotta wait for the full thing to see what’s really there :/

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