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►►Jaebum ranks 3rd as most anticipated comeback among college students

↑ the sign says “Jaebum” and “leadja/leader”

How long would it take for someone who has failed to get back on their feet? Regretfully speaking, 3 out of 5 college students considered ‘Korea is a society that is uptight about failure’ as an answer.

Recently a portal site named Albamon shared the results from a survey they conducted in which 1,386 college students participated.

When asked ‘if there was a person in the society who has been tagged for social failure, would you give them another chance’, in total 58.2% of the students answered “I would give them another chance for a come back to the person who failed but I would be uptight about it”. 34.0% of the answers were “I am generous and understanding about it”, while 7.9% answered they were unsure.

When asked about how lenient they would be on social failures, 26.8% of males and 28.0% of females answered ‘none’. In regards to the field where chances for comebacks are most commonly given out, males voted ‘Politics (22.7%)’, whereas females voted ‘Broadcast, celebrities (33.8%)’, which ranked no. 1 in their respective gender categories.

In addition, when asked about their most anticipated comeback of a figure of 2010, in total 37.9% of the college students voted ‘Myself (males 40.5%, females 36.1%)’. 2nd place went to ‘My father, my mother and family’ with 15.8%. Following this, the ex-2PM leader Park Jaebum ranked 3rd place with 15.7% of the votes.


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