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►►Jaebum asks fans to pray for ship-sinking victims

Out of all the artists in Korea, so far none have put out a message like this other than Jaebum/Jay Park – a Korean-American artist…I find that kinda ironic 😦

The naval patrol ship Cheonan sank in the vicinity of Baekryeong Island off the west coast of the Korean peninsula on Friday evening (KST), taking 104 crew members under the waters with it. The defense ministry stated that the patrol ship broke in two after the explosion occurred. It’s commonly speculated that some of the soldiers that are still missing may have been trapped inside as the ship sunk.

Although fifty-eight individuals have been rescued, the tragedy has shaken up Korea, dominating headlines and clutching the attention of people worldwide. Jay Park for one has posted a message on his Youtube account:

Lets pray for the fallen soilders and sailors.
My heart goes out to their familys.

여러분힘네새요. [Translation: Everybody stay strong.]

박재범 [Park Jaebeom]

According to a report by the Associated Press, a coast guard official stated that people can survive winter waters if they are rescued within a two hour time frame. Colonel Park Sung Woo, a spokesman for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, revealed during a press briefing that thirteen of the rescued have been hospitalized for injuries, with two suffering cerebral hemorrhages. However, the conditions aren’t life-threatening. “Our military will keep searching for missing sailors and we will determine the exact reason for the sinking after the ship is brought to the surface and examined,” he stated.

Initially, it was feared that North Korea played a hand in the sinking; however, officials later stated that the North hasn’t made any unordinary movements recently, and are doubtful that North Korea attacked. It was also stated that it may take days or even weeks to determine precisely what occurred on the patrol ship that led to the sinking.

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